17 Most Paused TV Moments Of 2017

1. The End - Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Laura Palmer

There was no TV show this year as utterly singular, bizarre or fascinating as David Lynch's long-awaited return to the world of Twin Peaks, and while the end result wasn't for everyone, it was nothing if not Lynch working at his peak powers, completely free of restraint.

The season ended in typically confounding and ambiguous fashion, with Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and a woman resembling Laura Palmer named Carrie Page (Sheryl Lee) appearing to end up in an alternate timeline, the realisation of which causes Carrie/Laura to let out a blood-curdling scream in the season's chilling final image.

No card-carrying Lynch fans should've expected a cut-and-dried resolution to Twin Peaks, and suitably, Lynch offered up a compelling end that nevertheless left the door wide open for the future. Brilliant.

Which jaw-dropping TV moments wore out your pause button this past year? Shout them out in the comments!

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