17 Most Paused TV Moments Of 2017

15. Swallowed Whole...By A Vagina - American Gods

American Gods Joel Murray Bilquis

Statements of intent for TV shows don't get much more emphatically weird than this sequence merely half-way through American Gods' first ever episode, where goddess Bilquis (Yetide Badaki) meets an Internet date at a bar.

The man (Joel Murray) then goes back to her place where they begin having sex, and before soon she's got the guy exalting her as the god that she is.

As he submits himself to Bilquis and the sex becomes more vigorous, she begins to devour the man, consuming his body with her vagina while she continues to ride him.

The CGI is a little goofy, sure, but in terms of establishing Bilquis' character in three snappy, insane minutes, it's absolutely unforgettable.


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