17 Most Paused TV Moments Of 2017

The good, the weird and the truly WTF.

American Gods Joel Murray

There's little arguing with the fact that we're living through the Golden Age of TV right now. With streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon offering up incredible productions alongside more conventional network TV offerings, there's never been more quality content at our disposal, or more incredible TV moments to soak in.

2017 was most certainly a year for the books in that regard, with the long-awaited revival of a certain classic TV show, the pay-off of at least one major TV fan theory, some unforgettable sex and death scenes, tantalising teases for what 2018's new seasons will offer, and much, much more.

These 17 moments, the best and weirdest that the entire year's TV had to offer, left everyone wearing out their pause buttons as they just had to see each moment again and again, poring over every detail of the frame and giving themselves an extended beat to take it all in...

17. "My Turn" - House Of Cards

House Of Cards Claire

House of Cards' fifth season may have been a melodramatic mess in parts, but it sure ended strong, with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) assuming the Presidency, while assuring Frank (Kevin Spacey) that she will pardon him and Doug (Michael Kelly) for their misdeeds.

However, in Claire's first TV address she fails to mention either Frank or Doug, leaving Frank infuriated as, in the season's final scene, Claire turns to the camera and tells the audience, "My turn."

It's a chilling setup for the sixth season, and though things now won't go as planned due to Spacey's dismissal from the series, at least the main throughline, of Claire climbing to the top of the mountain, can still come to fruition.


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