18 Most Hotly Anticipated TV Scenes Of 2018

Blessed be the TV.

Castle Rock Bill Skarsgard

2017 was a great year for TV, and 2018 could at least be its equal, if not even better.

Granted a few heavyweights are sitting things out, with new seasons of Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Fargo on hold until 2019, but there's still a heck of a lot of television to look forward to.

Atlanta, the dreamy, surreal, 'Twin Peaks with rappers' drama created/written/directed by/starring Donald Glover series, returns after a year off, as does HBO's hope for being the next Game of Thrones (outside of the planned spin-offs, anyway) Westworld. Some of 2017's very best shows are back for more too, with the continuing The Good Place and new seasons of The Handmaid's Tale and Better Call Saul, and there are some big new series to get excited about as well.

While much of the strength lies in the overarching season, or just a standout episode, even at this early stage there are a number of scenes we either know or can reasonably predict will happen that could steal the show, and that we cannot wait to see on the small screen this year (with some spoilers in text but not headings).


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