20 Best TV Episodes Of 2016 

19. Invasion! - Arrow

The CW

Much like The Flash, Arrow had a bit of a downer year too, with magic and mysticism (and soap opera plotting) dragging it right down from the dark and gritty superhero show of Seasons 1 and 2.

Season 5, though, has set about correcting the ills of Season 4, making some major improvements. And nowhere was the Arrow of past and present better represented than Invasion!.

This was the middle part of the four-way, three night crossover, and also Arrow's 100th episode. It leaned much heavier into the latter, and as befitting the centenary episode, provided a perfect homage to everything that makes Arrow great.

We had a roll call of his best villains, the return of Laurel, some kick-ass action, and plenty of emotional beats between Ollie and his family. With its 100th episode, Arrow delivered one of its very best.


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