20 Best TV Episodes Of 2017

2. The Leftovers - The Book Of Nora

The Leftovers Book Of Nora

The Leftovers' final run is one of the most powerful and beautiful TV seasons in recent memory, and it's all perfectly capped off by The Book of Nora, which is its strongest episode and one of the series' greatest.

The final season is all about closure, so by the time we reach The Book of Nora it doesn't even need to feature most characters. It's a remarkable achievement - and a testament to the work of Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta and everyone else involved - that the series finale can focus almost solely on Nora - introduced as a supporting character - and be so wonderfully captivating.

Save for a brief, early moment between her and Matt, Carrie Coon is largely left to carry the instalment by herself. She's done great work on two TV shows this year (see also: Fargo), but this is her masterpiece, making you feel and believe absolutely everything the character is going through. It is, of course, gorgeously directed by Mimi Leder, especially in its closing moments.

Anyone hoping for too many answers should've learned better by this stage. Instead what we get is a meditation on life, loss, and ultimately love, with those moments between Kevin and Nora a standout, giving this unique series a touching, satisfying, and incredibly human send-off.

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