20 Best TV Episodes Of 2017

18. GLOW - Live Studio Audience

GLOW Live Studio Audience

For much of its run, it's the events outside the ring that matter on GLOW, but the show's strongest episodes comes when it really puts the spotlight on the actual wrestling - and, of course, the wrestlers.

Live Studio Audience, the seventh instalment of the show's debut season, sees the group finally putting on their first live show, and naturally, things don't exactly go to plan. It's a great showcase for the series' ability to blend humour and drama both in and out of the ring, and displays all of its weirdness as well.

There's genuine emotion to be found in the way Carmen (the show's nicest character) struggles with her stage-fright, but also serious hilarity when Sam's camera gets stolen. It's odd at times, with a racially charged tag-match that really shouldn't work (yet somehow they pull it off), and a sense of triumph and empowerment by the end, accompanied by Rhonda's bizarrely brilliant rap.

Oh, and it has a training montage set to Stan Bush's Dare, and TV in 2017 doesn't get much more wonderfully 80s than that.

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