20 Best TV Shows Of 2017

1. The Leftovers


The Leftovers is a show that hardly received any Emmy nominations during its run. It's been overlooked by awarding bodies but, even worse, by audiences, struggling to pull in even 1 million per episode. And yet its quality is deserving of 20x as many, and all the awards possible.

The show is, on the one hand, about death. It starts with the mysterious Departure, and how the people left behind come to terms with it. To that end, it's a dark, atmospheric, and quietly affecting series to watch. On the other hand, however, The Leftovers is about life and love, and especially showcases that in Season 3, which becomes a gorgeous, life-affirming TV show.

It all builds to a masterful, immensely satisfying conclusion (proof that Damon Lindelof has learnt from past mistakes), and has some of the most stunning imagery you'll find courtesy of Mimi Leder and co. There are strong performances throughout, from the likes of Justin Theroux and Christopher Eccleston, but it's Carrie Coon who steals this year with a performance for the ages, one full of thoughtfulness, humanity, and complexity.

The Leftovers serves, in a sense, as a TV show based on the five stages of grief, which helps explain why its first season was so difficult to watch (denial and anger). In its third and final season, then, it finally finds acceptance, and in offering closure to its characters and us viewers, delivers one of the most powerful, beautiful seasons of television in recent memory.

What do you think are the best TV shows of 2017? Let us know down in the comments.

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