20 Hottest People On TV Right Now

And where you can find them!

Over the past few years, television has started to outshine movies when it comes to quality storytelling, and that's thanks to the likes of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones (to name just two of the most recent examples). While there are still plenty of awful shows out there - many of which are loved and draw big ratings - it really does feel as if we're in the golden age of TV which people have been talking about for so long. Even superheroes are being done justice on the small screen, and with those and pretty much every other genre you can think of comes a wealth of new and familiar talent. Whoever you're a fan of and whatever kind of shows you may gravitate towards, it's fair to say that we're all guilty of sitting back, turning on the TV - whether it's for a weekly series or to binge watch the latest drama that's hit Netflix - in order to check out the eye candy on offer. Make no mistake about it, every actor and actress listed here is immensely talented, but they're all also great to look at. These are quite simply the hottest stars currently dominating the small screen, and if you're not currently watching the shows they're starring in, that's likely to change after you take a look through here...

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