20 Movies Starring The Walking Dead Actors In 2015

The same tasty Walking Dead fix, but now without the emotional devastation.

Loving The Walking Dead is something like being in an abusive relationship: not only do beloved characters perpetually live with a heavy swinging axe above their heads, but expectations are provocatively messed with and just as the excitement is dialled up and the stakes change, it swans off for months on end between seasons. And now, once again, fans are left looking for something to fill the gap left by their favourite survivors. The easiest response would be to suggest other zombie shows - iZombie isn't far off, and there's always older shows like We're Alive to feed the need - but that's too one dimensional a solution. And it doesn't have the same appeal as something more familiar, where you can just images Rick and Carl and Daryl are just holidaying or something. So with that in mind, the question of how to get an alternative Walking Dead fix that actually satisfies comes in the shape of new movies starring the cast. Inevitably, The Walking Dead filming schedule means that current stars are pretty locked up and there's very little forthcoming from anyone still breathing in-universe. Andrew Lincoln's hardly likely to be able to just pop off to film something for a few months without his part in the show being significantly reduced and the same goes for the majority of the cast (though not all of the top billed talent). That doesn't mean there's not a lot of options though...
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