20 Things Doctor Who Wants You To Forget

Because there are just a few things that the Doctor and his creators are not at all proud of.


The Doctor once said that forgetfulness is a human superpower. It’s a gift that he envies because the benefits (making more babies) outweigh the negatives (making more wars). There are many things that he would love to be able to banish from his own memory, so much so that the best man at his (next) wedding, would have a field day.

In that respect, the Doctor is as human as the rest of us. And so too are those who make the show. Poor creative decisions, continuity errors, and other missteps and blunders can be erased and yet also repeated through the sweet convenience of forgetfulness.

Making the same mistakes is a price worth paying for making more Doctor Who, but just sometimes, things do go so terribly wrong that our superpower is tested to its very limits.

There are some things that the Doctor and the makers of the show would like to forget themselves, but unfortunately once they are out in the open, there’s no going back.

Read on if you dare, but when you’re done you might want to follow Amy Pond’s lead in The Beast Below and press the button marked FORGET…


Paul Driscoll is a freelance writer and author across a range of subjects from Cult TV to religion and social policy. He is a passionate Doctor Who fan and January 2017 will see the publication of his first extended study of the series (based on Toby Whithouse's series six episode, The God Complex) in the critically acclaimed Black Archive range by Obverse Books. He is a regular writer for the fan site Doctor Who Worldwide and has contributed several essays to Watching Books' You and Who range. Recently he has branched out into fiction writing, with two short stories in the charity Doctor Who anthology Seasons of War (Chinbeard Books). Paul's work will also feature in the forthcoming Iris Wildthyme collection (A Clockwork Iris, Obverse Books) and Chinbeard Books' collection of drabbles, A Time Lord for Change.