20 TV Characters Who Died In 2019

A final sendoff to the small-screen icons we lost over the year.

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With 2019 drawing to a close, the time has come to take stock of the year's television events - in particular their body count. A lot of characters have left us, some from explosive final seasons, others from the tragic deaths of the actors portraying them.

Whether they were series mainstays with storied histories, characters who had only featured in a small handful of episodes or anything in between, they all undoubtedly made an impact on the various series that they featured in, and their deaths will likely resonate long after their physical presence is gone.

Now I could be incredibly lazy and populate this entire list with characters from Game Of Thrones and knock off for an early lunch, as the show's 8th and final season killed off its characters with the zeal of an exterminator who has just happened upon a gigantic wasp's nest in a client's attic, but I like to imagine I put slightly more effort in than that.

So let's have ourselves a look back at the final year of the decade and give one last hurrah to all those characters who breathed their last.

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