22 Dumb Decisions In Breaking Bad [VIDEO]

Spoilers, yo!

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22ww13_22-dumb-decisions-breaking-bad_shortfilms Breaking Bad rules. There's no two ways about it. If you haven't seen it (as if that's even possible), it's unquestionably one of the greatest TV series' to ever grace our screens. Masterfully bringing together an incredible cast and partnering it with with a slow burning, jaw-dropping, unpredictable storyline over five seasons. By taking an unassuming chemistry teacher and turning him into Scarface, Vince Gilligan changed TV forever. The characters, their world and the struggles that they each faced felt so real, that the audience were just completely absorbed by the whole thing. It single handedly proved that the future of storytelling really does lie with TV. People are going to be using Breaking Bad as the benchmark for decades to come, it's a 'go-to' show, up there with The Wire & The Sopranos and it hasn't even been a year since it ended. Still... for all those awards and all that critical acclaim, the show itself is filled to the brim with some pretty idiotic character choices. So here they are; some of the Dumbest decisions made in Breaking Bad! Spoilers b*tch!

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