24 Quiz: How Well Do You Know Jack Bauer?

Jack Bauer's no longer on TV, but how closely were you paying attention?


It's been five whole years since we last saw Jack Bauer on our TV screens, but the legendary status of Kiefer Sutherland's torture-happy action hero simply can't be denied.

24 was a revolutionary TV series for many reasons, its success propelled forward by both its brilliantly innovative "real-time" gimmick and, of course, Sutherland's Emmy-winning performance as Bauer himself.

Over the course of nine seasons, Bauer loved and lost, got hired and fired, occasionally travelled the world and killed literally hundreds of terrorists in thoroughly imaginative ways.

And even when the show was far from its peak, Sutherland's compulsively watchable work did a terrific job of propping everything up.

To say that Bauer has done it all is a major understatement, but with his 13-year run lasting over 200 episodes, you'd be forgiven for forgetting some of the details - both big and small.

And so, spanning the show's entire tenure - though not the terrible reboot 24: Legacy, of course - it's time to tackle our quiz for the most swotted-up 24 fanatics. Confirm your devoted fandom for one of TV's greatest ass-kickers in the process...

1. What Is Jack's Catchphrase?


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