25 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The Walking Dead

11. Doppelganger

In later series, Michonne has become the central female protagonist of the show and while great writing is vital, a lot of this success is down to the phenomenal performance of Danai Gurira, who does a fantastic job of bringing the katana wielding bad-ass to life. Surprisingly though, Michonne's debut in the second season finale is actually played by someone else, as the producers had not yet cast Gurira in the role. If you go back and watch the episode, you'll realize that we never actually see Michonne's face as she wears a hood throughout the scene.

10. Silent, But Deadly

Zombies are a noisy lot and that's certainly true of the 'walkers' that populate the world of The Walking Dead. Urgh, argh, etc etc... but you may be surprised to learn that the noises made by the 'walkers' are actually added later during post-production. There's always the possibility that some of the actors cast as 'walkers' could make lame sounds that ruin the atmosphere or even distract the human cast, but adding the sound effects in later still sounds like a lot of effort. Maybe the producers should just cover the art of groaning in the shows 'walker' school instead!

9. Staring Contest

The special effects team have a lot of work to do on a show like The Walking Dead. Green screen is used frequently and the more grotesque deaths obviously require CGI to be convincing. Most importantly of all though, it's vital that if a 'walker' blinks, it's immediately edited out in post-production... right? Ok, this may not seem particularly important, but if you think about it, zombies possess only basic motor control, so it makes sense that the 'walkers' would not be able to moisten their eyeballs with a blink here or there. Now that's serious attention to detail.

8. Pickled People

Have you ever wondered how the actors cast as 'walkers' eat the flesh of their victims? It turns out that all of the organs are actually hams soaked in vinegar, so that the 'walkers' can enjoy the vile process to their hearts content. If you found yourself feeling strangely hungry as some 'walkers' pulled out the intestines of a poor victim, now you know why. Delicious. Some of you may be wondering why the producers don't just cast cannibals instead, saving money on vinegar soaked hams, but US labor laws can be a tricky thing...

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