4 Doctor Who Dating Ideas That Should Never Be Tried Out

3. Trying To Solve Every Problem With A Screwdriver

tate 2 In theory it looks great and can quickly prove that inside every geek there is a real man, but believe me, when it comes to plugged toasters, it can be shockingly disappointing No lady can be impressed that way. Plus, there is a huge possibility of killing her favourite pet, and no woman likes that. Just don't ask me how I know. But every cloud has a silver lining; if your date is going wrong, she would feel really guilty leaving you on the floor while you wait for ambulance to come, which gives you more time to convince her why Doctor Who is simply the best. And you know that is true. Actually, this idea fits to ANY tool. For God's sake, we are geeks; we were made to dress up as Star Trek characters and to spend all our money on gadgets that DON'T work in real life. I don't know about you, but I can operate a phaser or sonic screwdriver with my eyes closed. Drill a hole in a wall to hang a painting? It just cannot by done.
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