5 Brilliant Doctor Who References In Doctor Who

1. Clara Is The Show

jenna-louise-coleman-doctor-who When Clara theories were spiralling out of control and human sanity, a small fact - that some people still haven't got their head around - confused the lot of us: why do Clara's dates correlate with Doctor Who's? She shares a birthday with the show, her diary omits years in which Who took season breaks, and wasn't Oswald (Lee Harvey) the man who delayed the very first episode when he shot JFK? It was jokingly said during speculation, "Clara is Doctor Who: the show", but that doesn't seem so mad now: she's a character that is everywhere over the last fifty years, always in the background, never seen or heard, and always saving the Doctor. Clara is a nod to the fans, the writers, the past Doctors, and everyone who ever made the show the fifty-year old Goliath it is. Perhaps the biggest nod of them all, and a lovely tribute to everyone. Have you noticed any others, such as Matt Smith's disdain for Twitter being replicated in 'The Power of Three'? I'd like to hear them all, until every tangible line between the show and reality is blurred enough that Doctor Who becomes an official religion (seriously, why's that not happened?).
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