Glee seems to be a show that incites a lot of rage and frustration, even amongst its ‘gleeks’. Now that the show’s fourth season is on the home stretch, I wonder how fans and critics, alike, have found its massive premise change since the end of Season Three. Graduating high school characters is never an easy task, and usually it is avoided for as long as possible on other tv shows (Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill).

So, I’ve decided to list the key problems that I, as a fan, have identified and feel, with some minor (and also some more major) adjustments, Glee could easily recover from its recent ratings lag, in time for Season Five.


5. Last Lap for Lima


Ryan Murphy said he didn’t want to have the characters in high school for the whole show. So, I was kind of glad that RIB were, at least, being a bit original and didn’t stretch whole years over two seasons like other shows have done. But, if this was to be the case, then what was the need to introduce a new batch of high schoolers? What’s worse, why make them main characters. At this point do we really want second-rate rip-offs of all the original students? Seriously, Kitty: NuQuinn, Unique: NuMercedes, Ryder: NuFinn and Jake: NuPuck.

Honestly, if new high school students was an absolute must, couldn’t they have got a bit more creative as well? Marley seems the only one with a drop of originality. Even still, there was an abundance of original characters, from The Glee Project, just waiting to be used. Even the ones that did win The Glee Project – Alex (Unique) and Samuel (Joe) – might as well not be there for as much as they’re used.

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This article was first posted on February 20, 2013