5 Fall TV Shows That Are Doomed To Fail

The new TV season's worst of the worst.


With success rates in recent years for new shows as low as 35 percent, you don’t have to be a TV psychic to predict which shows don’t have the legs to make it past season 1 - though a ‘legless TV psychic’ sounds like it could be something in the works as a mid-season replacement.

While there is plenty of excitement about new CBS series like Star Trek: Discovery, not so boldly going where many TV execs have gone before, and S.W.A.T. which audiences hope stands for “Shemar Moore-Without-A-Top”, there are just as many shows that viewers are already hate-watching before they’re yanked from the schedule in the coming weeks – or by the end of this posting, whichever comes first.

In the meantime, enjoy these shows while they last – or better yet, don’t bother watching these shows at all, because they won’t last.


A Chandler who wishes he was a Joey, would settle on being a Ross, but a Gunther at heart.