5 Lord Of The Rings TV Shows They Should Make Instead Of Young Aragorn

Some Middle-Earth stories are way more interesting than what Amazon is doing.

Rubendevela, DeviantArt

When Amazon bought the rights for The Lord of the Rings TV show, fans of Middle-Earth were rightly wary of what the company would do to the beloved franchise. Would they remake the films? Would they branch off into the other works that Tolkien wrote?

It's now rumoured that, for the first season at least, the TV show will follow a young Aragorn. The subject of one of the main sub-plots of the films, he's definitely a popular character among fans - though a bit of a safe choice.

Aragorn hasn't featured in any of Tolkien's published works other than The Lord of the Rings, and his mysterious backstory is one of the biggest draws to his character. Apparently, Amazon haven't learned from Star Wars' repeated failures to not explore pre-existing characters in their prequels.

However, there are other routes Amazon could go down. Tolkien wrote what he called his 'Legendarium', a huge collection of works in the Lord of the Rings universe that are both poems and stories. These are still being published today, and in these stories, there are topics for a TV show that would be far more interesting than Aragorn's backstory.


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