5 More Doctor Who Monsters Which Shouldn't Have Worked (But Did)

whowho3 Several of my friends who are also Doctor Who fans read my previous article on the topic of monsters from the series that shouldn't have worked but did, and a few were a little miffed that my list was so short. "What about the Ogri?" some of them asked. "What about the Krynoid? How about the Adipose?" (The Adipose? A monster? Really?) And looking back, there were several monsters I wanted to include on the last list but didn't because a) I was working to a deadline and b) it was a list of five monsters, for goodness' sake. I've also been asked when I'll do an article on the monsters that should've worked but didn't, and while I think that topic is pretty much covered by this article by a colleague of mine, I'm more than willing to entertain your suggestions in the comments section and come up with a nifty article if I have enough candidates. Having said that, classic Doctor Who has always worked best when it's had to overcome its ridiculously small budget and come up with monsters the descriptions of which in a script would give a Hollywood visual effects designer a heart attack, let alone a BBC guy who's on contract and is given roughly $50 USD to make the stuff of nightmares. And yet they managed it, time and again. Here are five more Doctor Who monsters which, in retrospect, really shouldn't have worked at all - but boy howdy, did they ever.
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