5 Reasons NBC’s Dracula Should Have A Second Season

5. Van Helsing Vs. Dracula – Is Season 2 Big Enough For Both Of Them?

Dracula Van Helsing
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Dracula and Van Helsing (Thomas Kretschmann) as allies was a bit nerve racking – this supposedly ‘unconventional’ premise didn’t bode well for the quality of the series, and it leads the outcome down a predictable hateful road. Dracula and Van Helsing are usually sworn enemies but in this revamped (see what I did there?) twist, Van Helsing is quite a useful bloke. They both have the Order of the Dragon as a mutual nemesis and are therefore working together to achieve one common goal: bringing the order down. Dracula has decided to take a sneaky business approach but Van Helsing was going further along the revenge road. Their arrangement andor friendship makes for a tense yet satisfying watch.

Let’s not forget that now he’s avenged his wife and children, Van Helsing has stabbed Renfield and trashed the equipment, serum and notes that makes Dracula a day-walker. Obviously, this ends their partnership and started the Dracula vs. Van Helsing battle that we all know and love. Many people hope that Renfield isn’t dead,  unless a second season is made we will never know and be stuck in a heartbreaking grief limbo.