5 Reasons Why The Big Bang Theory Is Better Than Friends

The sixth season of The Big Bang Theory has just come to a close, with one of the best cliff-hangers…

Hayley May Phillips


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The sixth season of The Big Bang Theory has just come to a close, with one of the best cliff-hangers that the show has seen so far. Watched by over three million in the UK alone, it has to be said that TBBT just keeps getting better and better. Everyone seems to be hooked on those four geeky guys and the dramas of their love, work and social lives.

Many would agree that it is the best show on television, as they switch on each week to bask in the adorable relationship between Leonard and Penny, to see Raj getting rejected by yet another woman and to laugh at Sheldon’s hilarious social faux pas. But, is The Big Bang Theory a better show than Friends – the show that is not only considered to be the best sitcom ever but also the one that defined the genre? Personally, I would argue that yes, it is and I will give you five reasons why…


5. Interesting Flaws

character flaws

No character is perfect; they all have flaws, it’s what makes them relatable and interesting. Without them, we wouldn’t watch. The characters on Friends were certainly interesting and have been emulated by many shows ever since: How I Met Your Mothers’ Barney is basically a more extreme and strategic Joey, and 2 Broke Girls’ Caroline is another version of the spoilt-turned-poor Rachel.

In some respects, The Big Bang Theory’s characters take on the flaws of the classic Friends’ characters: like Monica, Sheldon is highly organised and terrified of germs and Leonard and Penny’s on-again-off-again relationship is much like the one between Ross and Rachel that we once loved so much. However, TBBT seems to take these personality traits and bring them to another level. Instead of feeling an impulsive need to clean and a thrill from organising like Monica does, Sheldon’s personality is taken in a totally different direction – he’s completely terrified of dirt and germs, with a desperate need to be saved from them, which has definitely made for some interesting episodes.

As well as building upon already seen traits, the characters of TBBT also have some flaws that haven’t really been shown before in hit sitcoms. Think Raj’s inability to talk to women, Sheldon and Amy’s strange relationship and Sheldon’s refusal to do anything for himself. These flaws certainly lend themselves to interesting storylines, quite unlike ones that we have seen before.

It is these interesting and somewhat different flaws that make the show so good – we haven’t really seen characters like them before, so we’re all desperate to find out what hilarious situations their crazy personalities will land them in.