5 Reasons Why Tony Soprano Is Dead

2. Tony€™s Point Of View

Many shots in the final scene (as well as throughout the course of the series) were shown from Tony Soprano€™s point of view. When AJ, Carmella and the Man in the Members Only jacket enter the scene, they€™re all filmed from the same location. The camera would be placed exactly where Tony would be looking. And each entrance shot was shown after Tony picked his head up to see who was coming in. Therefore, the audience is seeing everybody€™s entrance through Tony€™s eyes. Now, let€™s go back to Meadow entering Holstein€™s. The final shot of the series has Tony looking up to see who is coming in, as evidenced by the bell ringing when the door opened. Now, when it aired live, many viewers swore up and down that they saw Meadow enter the diner. But they didn€™t. They just expected to, because that€™s what Tony was expecting. The cut to black, which replaced the shot of Meadow entering the diner as Carmella and AJ did, was also shown from Tony€™s point of view. It€™s just that he was already dead, so that€™s why there was blackness. There was also a longer delay than usual between the cut to black and the credits rolling in silence, long enough that many viewers thought that their cable had gone out on them. Those extra seconds of blackness represented the nothingness of death, which we as the audience were experiencing from Tony€™s point of view. So when people had the theory of, €œthe ending was David Chase €˜whacking€™ the audience,€ they€™re actually right in a sense. Only the audience was experiencing the €œwhack€ from Tony€™s point of view. And there€™s a very good reason why we as the audience, through Tony€™s point of view, didn€™t hear any kind of gunshot before the darkness.
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