5 Science Fiction Television Shows That Deserve A Reboot

Blakes7 With the critical and financial success of reboots of classic sci-fi shows like Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica - and even the cancelled after two seasons yet pretty good Survivors - you'd think networks would be digging through the sandbox for other shows that could bring in the fans... and the dosh. I mean, remakes have been the big thing the last decade or so, both in film and in television. Hell, even cars are getting remakes at this point. But where should the studios start? Well, I€™m here to help. Here are the 5 shows that I feel have the best chance at a new life on our screens, and the reasons why they€™d make for some seriously great telly...

5. Sliders

S Sliders is the most recent entry on this list, only cancelled 13 years ago after five seasons, but it€™s been off of our screens long enough that a reboot would not only be possible, but wouldn€™t be a slap in the face of the original. Sliders was a really fun show with a unique take on time travel. It followed a group of travelers as they €œslide€ between parallel Earths through the vortex, always hoping they€™ve arrived at their Earth. Frequently becoming involved, against their will, in events on whatever Earth they end up on, they have to find the vortex before their countdown runs out or are trapped for 29 years. Parallel universes are such a neat concept if done right, and it€™s always interesting to see what kinds of differences, however small, that the writers can come up with. The stakes never seemed high enough in the original, but if the drama were amped up it could really be edge of your seat entertainment. Keep it off of the Syfy network, put it in capable hands and you€™d have a hit! Now, it€™s time to go through the vortex and get€
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