It’s an exciting time we live in right now for the world of television addicts. There are dozens of top quality shows on our googleboxes and dozens more new shows being produced each year. And, although it can be great to have such a wide choice of fresh episodes to watch, at times it can really feel overwhelming just to keep up.

For as tempting as the new episode of Boardwalk Empire sounds, sometimes you just feel like DVR’ing it and opting instead for watching one of your old favourites. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Like a great album, book or film, television shows often demand to be consumed again and again. Why would you limit yourself to just watching something once if it’s amazing?  Television can be as deep or complex as any other form of literature, and multiple viewings might be the only way to truly appreciate and understand its greatness.

Reruns, DVD boxsets and the joys of Netflix allow us to enjoy these shows as many times as we please. So, there really is no excuse. Watch these shows more than once, and you will be thankful for doing so.

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This article was first posted on August 6, 2013