5 TV Shows That Tried To Be The New Lost (But Were Cancelled After 1 Season)

5. Alcatraz


Season €“ 2011/12, Network €“ Fox, Starring €“ Sarah Jones, Jorge Garcia, Sam Neill, Parminder Nagra, Jonny Coyne, Jason Butler Harner, Robert Forster. Alcatraz Prison, located on an island off of the coast of San Francisco, has an interesting history, making it an interesting backdrop for a mystery series. Featuring a host of Lost alumni in the production team, ranging from co-creator Elizabeth Sarnoff and producer Stephen Semel to executive producers JJ Abrams and Jack Bender, Alcatraz€™s premise is somewhat farfetched, but intriguing. In 1963, the prison€™s closure was ostensibly to cover up the disappearance of its inmates and staff, who begin to show up in the present day with no signs of ageing or recollections about what has happened to them (similar to The 4400), though each has an agenda as criminal as the activities that saw them imprisoned in the first place. Despite the casting of several well-known faces (Lost actor Jorge Garcia amongst them), the show never really took off, losing more than half of its viewers between its premiere and finale episodes, ensuring its premature death before much of its mythology had begun to develop.
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