5 TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Five shows What Culture are enjoying right now...

Five shows What Culture are enjoying right now...


This show, created by JJ Abrams, Alez Kurtzman and Roberto Orci from Alias and Lost fame, has become an absolutely incredible yarn. Not only did they answer, in one year, the important kind of questions that Lost failed to answer in six, but the show keeps all the plot twists and science-fiction grounded in the emotions of the incredible cast of characters that it has spread across two parallel universes. Sci-Fi or mystery fans go and get the DVD right now you will not regret it (and maybe you can save it from its likely cancelled fate).


The guilty pleasure of the 2011/2012 TV season has proved it€™s more than just a passing fad with a string of fantastic episodes that have taken the mystery and intrigue to another level, proving that this is more than just a primetime soap. This show is about a woman€™s delicious plan for revenge on the family that ruined the life of her father by framing him for a terrorist attack. The drama is intense and the twists are as surprising as anything else on TV.


This is TV for the modern entertainment generation; overtly self-knowing and explicitly dense with pop culture this sitcom is the funniest and most reverential sitcom on television. The show follows the exploits of six seeming losers studying at a community college but is so much more than just any normal situation comedy. From satirizing experimental films like My Dinner With Andre to an episode that features a zombie invasion this show has a breadth and variety that will keep everyone happy and everyone laughing. And if you watch it and buy the DVDs it might not get cancelled, so there€™s that.


Who would have thought a show about a modern day cowboy U.S Marshall would be so entertaining and far removed from the dreck of most procedural TV dramas? Timothy Olyphant shines as the cowboy in question and Walton Goggins is even more impressive as his enemy/friend depending on which day of the week it is. This show has it all: action, romance, intricate plots, incredible characters and some of the best dialogue this side of the Mississippi.


The fourth season of Breaking Bad is the most phenomenal thing that has ever been produced in the history of television. This series is the first TV show to seriously prove that TV can compete with film and in many ways be better. From the outset this show, about a chemistry teacher who begins to make and sell crystal meth, has been a hard sell€”but the quality has won over critics and audiences alike and is currently enjoying more of an audience than Mad Men on its native network AMC. Breaking Bad was created and written by one of the best writers on the X-Files Vince Gilligan who has crafted an absolutely spell binding four years. The fifth and final season is currently shooting as we speak and will take 16 episodes to wrap up its five year story; rarely in television has it been harder to gauge where a show will end. But one thing will always be true, Walter White is going to be breaking bad.
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