5 Ways Supernatural Became Its Own Spin-off

Shows evolve and change over time, but Supernatural went further than most.

When Supernatural first premiered in 2005, the show immediately gained favor with fans of urban legends, brotherly love, classic cars, incredible soundtracks, and of course, drool worthy eye-candy. Supernatural fans could very well take over the internet with fan fiction popular enough to be acknowledged in the show on multiple occasions, twitter take overs, and a gif for every occasion on tumblr. As the show wraps up its ninth season and prepares for a tenth, no one can deny the Winchesters have staying power. So it's no surprise that the news of Supernatural's upcoming spin-off series, Supernatural:Bloodlines, has filled the fandom with excitement and speculation. According to this recent ScreenRant article, the new series will be set in Chicago and will feature a hunter targeting a group of "mafia-esque"monster families that secretly run the cities seedy underbelly. Fans eagerly await the back-door pilot airing on April 29th in the twentieth episode of Supernatural's ninth season, but is a spin-off series even necessary for a show that€™s already spun? Supernatural is a great show, but no one can deny the entire scope has changed since its introduction in season one. Shows evolve and change over time, but Supernatural went further than most. Here€™s how.
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