5 Ways The Big Bang Theory Has Gone Downhill

big-bang-theory-female-superheroes The Big Bang Theory is a television show which has become widely popular. It€™s made nerds (or at least what the writers of the show perceive to be nerds) cool in their own weird way. For the past five years Leonard, Howard, Raj and Sheldon have made us all laugh at some time or another with their love for comic-books and science. It started off as a show about a nerd in love with a girl wildly out of his league and his desperate attempts to get together with her, while his friends got into different funny situations. It was simple, it was charming, it brought something new to the table; the inclusion of nerd culture into mainstream television. However, recently the show has lost its charm, for me anyway. The show just isn€™t funny anymore and I€™m starting to find the characters and jokes progressively more boring and irritating. Here are just a few reasons why.

5. It's All About Relationships

sthe big bang theory Now, I understand that the original premise is about a guy who€™s in love with a girl, so the inclusion of relationships is somewhat to be expected and I had no problems with the early Leonard and Penny on/off relationship. However, the entire show has just become three relationships and Raj; Leonard and Penny, Howard and Bernadette and Sheldon and Amy. Every single episode has at least one relationship crisis being dealt with and it€™s a bit dull, especially when a lot of it is due to frustratingly bad decisions being made by supposedly intelligent characters (the episode involving Leonard and Penny€™s €˜beta€™ relationship testing and the list of problems with Penny comes to mind). It just doesn€™t feel like we€™ll get episodes that are just about silly nerd things anymore, like Sheldon having his World of Warcraft things stolen or Howard making a faulty toilet for the international space station. The main issue I have with the fact that the show is effectively grounded by relationships is the fact that it€™s so unlike the characters that we were originally introduced to. We were introduced to socially awkward scientists who couldn€™t speak to girls, were too creepy to attract girls or simply had no interest in girls whatsoever. Now one of them is married, the other is in a relationship with an unbelievably attractive woman and the other is Sheldon. Character growth is all well and good, it just feels like the original concept for the show has been kind of ruined because of it.

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