5 Ways To Become A Reality TV Star

Girls want to look like ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ lot. Boys want to party and sh*g the nights away…

Jeana Cunningham


Girls want to look like ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ lot. Boys want to party and sh*g the nights away like ‘Geordie Shore’ guys. Here’s our tips on how to make yourself one of them… if you think you can handle it.

With the introduction of Big Brother came the huge wave of the people wanting their 15 minutes of fame, and they want it now! Reality TV is the quickest way to fire yourself directly into the public eye. From The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore, to Amish In The City and The Apprentice, the list is almost endless. There are a wide range of ways to break into the Reality TV genre and we are here to give you a few tips to help you on the road to success in this crazy, crazy world.

5. Be Perma-tanned

First of all, if TOWIE is your show of choice then you must absolutely never be seen out of the house without your Amy Child’s brand of fake tan smothered all over you. Or should that be Lauren Goodger’s tan ‘Lauren’s Way’. Are we even allowed to reference Amy Child’s anymore or is she dead in the world of TOWIE? Who knows, anyway, if you want to get by in this ‘real but a little bit scripted’ world, then you have to look ‘reem’, you know, so all the not quite so tangerine coloured cast mates are ‘well jel’.

Another example of ‘The Perma-tan’ is the girls of Geordie Shore. They know how to take thing to the extreme, and one example of this is their desire to look as much like David Dickinson as they possibly can. Unfortunately, some of them don’t quite get it right and they look more like a piece of baked poo. But they make us laugh so we’re sure we can forgive them this.

The thing is, if you are one of the pale one’s, you look sick and unhealthy (apparently). So if you want people to think that you will be around for a while, at least long enough for you to have a relationship with at least 3 of your cast members including one of their Nan’s then you simply must tan up.

In summary, our first tip for breaking into Reality TV is chuck as much tan all over you as you possibly can. The producer’s are sure to love it.