6 Completely Pointless Details In TV Shows (That Will Blow Your Mind)

The devil's in the details.


In many ways, TV shows are more complicated than films. Rather than dealing with a mere two hours with which to spin a yarn, TV shows have dozens of hours, larger casts, wider-reaching stories, and considerably lower budgets to deliver entertainment beamed out in the form of easily digestible and highly addictive content.

As we spend comparatively so much more time in the fictional worlds of television than films, the lengths TV shows go to in their depictions of real life sometimes beggars belief. It’s impressive and rewarding to see a show that takes itself seriously, with incredible attention paid to historical accuracy or fully fleshed out world building that all contribute to viewer investment in the medium.

It is these details that make a show feel real.

Some details however, for a whole host of reasons, end up being pretty much pointless. Details that were either so obscure, or so fleeting, that their absence would hardly have changed a thing. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their moment in the spotlight for making their way onto a show anyway. This an ode to those delightfully, obsessively complex, entirely pointless, easily missable details.


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