6 Things The Walking Dead Is Doing Right This Season

walking dead The Walking Dead has been an unprecedented hit for comic fans, zombie movie fans, and most importantly, a hit for AMC. The Walking Dead has gone from a relatively cult-status comic book into a massive hit in just a few years. However, things weren€™t always as good as they are now from a quality stand-point. With a strong premiere episode that debuted on Halloween 2010, the later episodes of the first season struggled to maintain the same quality. The second season was almost an unwatchable mess due to several contributing factors (the show was still trying to find its way, producers left the project etc.), yet you kept watching because you knew the source material was so good, it was only a matter of time before they knocked it out of the park. The third season is that home run we'd all been waiting for. As we gear up for the second half of season 3, I€™d like to look back and commend The Walking Dead for all that it has done right (so far) this season. The show has not only become appointment television, it€™s also one of the most fun shows to talk about with friends and co-workers due to the unpredictability. The show has finally found its stride so it€™s only fair that we countdown the top 6 things the Walking Dead is doing right this season. And be warned: spoilers follow, so lower your crossbows!
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