6 TV Shows That Prove "Season 2" is the Best

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-1998)

If you have read some of my other posts you will know that I am a massive Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan. Personally I consider it to be the greatest television show in history and I can not see it loosing this crown anytime soon. If I am being completely honest with you, Season 2 of Buffy probably isn't my personal favorite season of the show, however it is the season I think is the best. Confused? Basically, although I think I prefer season 5 because by this point in time I was so in love with all the characters and so invested in the show, if I had to recommend a season to someone who had never seen the show I would definitely make them watch Season 2. Also, if I had to suggest which season should be critically judged by a group of people who know a lot about television I would make them watch Season 2. Despite it not being my favorite season, it is critically the greatest season of the show. Season 1 of Buffy was great, but at this point the show wasn't all that challenging and was never going to go down in history as one of the greatest shows of all time. The show hadn't really become all that mature at this point, and the characters hadn't had the chance to fully develop and grow into some of our favorite on-screen characters of all time. Also, Sarah Michelle Geller had yet to prove she was one of the greatest television actresses of her generation. All this changed in season 2. This was the season where Buffy grew up, both in terms of the character and the show itself. This was the season, in case you didn't watch the show, where Buffy's true love Angel, a vampire with a soul looses his soul after sleeping with Buffy on her seventeenth birthday and then spending the rest of the season trying to kill all her friends and ultimately send all of earth into hell. Joss Whedon, the shows creator (you know the guy... he made that little film called "The Avengers") names the episode in which Buffy finds out that Angel is now the bloodthirsty vampire Angelus ("Innocence") as his favorite episode of Buffy of all time. The final episode of this season, where Buffy has to kill her boyfriend who has just had his soul returned to him in order to save the world is perhaps arguably the shows greatest episode ever. This is also the season- let's not forget -that fan favorites Drusilla and Spike are introduced. If you watch the season again and you are familiar with the show it is difficult to imagine that in only 4 more seasons Buffy and Spike would be "romantically" involved, considering they spend most of this current season trying desperately to kill each other. This season also has one of the most criminally underrated episodes of the entire shows run called "I Only Have Eyes for You" which shows a ghost (who shot a teacher who happened to be his lover and then killed himself) possess the halls of Sunnydale High. If you haven't seen this episode it truly is both fascinatingly complex and hauntingly romantic.
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