7 Characters Who Could Appear In Breaking Bad Movie

7. Agent Van Oster/SAC Ramey

Breaking Bad Agent Van Oster

These two are relatively minor characters in the grand scheme of Breaking Bad, but their appearances would fit with what we've seen of Gilligan's approach to this universe in Better Call Saul, which is making it as fleshed out and real as possible, seeding a number of background characters for the sake of continuity and to please diehard fans.

Oster and/or Ramey also have a perfect reason storywise for turning up, given they both work for the DEA. The police are probably still going to be interested in Jesse, especially as the only survivor of what happened with Walt and Jack, and they were still an active part of the storyline as Breaking Bad ended, meaning they can slot straight back in to provide a recognisable face for law enforcement in the movie.

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