7 Characters Who Could Appear In Breaking Bad Movie

Jesse Pinkman is coming back, but which other Breaking Bad characters could we see?

Breaking Bad Movie

Yeah, movies b*tch!

After nine seasons of television and counting, the world of Breaking Bad is set to expand out into the world of film, with it recently being confirmed that a movie set within the show's universe is in the works.

Not just any movie, mind you, but one that's going to be written and produced by creator Vince Gilligan himself, and is going to be a direct sequel following the events of "the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom."

Or in other words, Jesse Pinkman.

Aaron Paul is set to return, with the movie expected to pick up after the events of the Breaking Bad finale, Felina, which aired way back in 2013. While Walter White's story was definitely ended, Jesse's was left open: freed from the clutches of Jack and his gang of Nazis, he hit the open road in Todd's El Camino, and that was the last we saw of him. The film will show us what happens next, but Jesse isn't the only character whose fate was left ambiguous, and if we're going back to ABQ, then there are a few familiar faces who could appear.

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