7 Lovable Rick And Morty Characters That Have Been Tragically Forgotten

Rick and Morty is so full of incredible characters that it's easy to forget some of the best. 

Adult Swim

After the announcement of an enormous 70-episode renewal of the beloved TV series, Rick and Morty fans jumped with joy, notably because the three previous seasons' episode count added up to a below par 31.

But in those 31 episodes, Rick and Morty became a hit show, highly due to its diversity in characters, the insanely entertaining adventures of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, and of course, the numerous cameos of Mr. Poopybutthole.

As we know, it generally takes a while for a new season of Rick and Morty to be released, especially if the new season is going to be seven-times longer than all previous seasons. So, in the meantime, it seems right to cast an eye back at seven of the most lovable Rick and Morty characters that have tragically fallen by the wayside.

7. Two Brothers

Adult Swim

Although they only appeared on an inter-dimensional television show, it's hard to argue that the Two Brothers weren't memorable characters for their limited air-time.

Having to fend off an army of alien invaders, a Mexican armada, giant cat monsters, and even the Moon crashing into Earth, the two instantly earned a small place in the hearts of most Rick and Morty fans.

Hopefully the Two Brothers are included in more episodes in the future, whether that's in the form of another inter-dimensional cable episode, a big crossover with Rick and Morty, or even just a small cameo where Rick is seen watching the show in the background.

Whatever they end up doing, we want to see it!


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