7 Reasons You Need To Watch FX's Snowfall

California knows how to party.


Premiering last week, Snowfall is FX's big new summer drama, and the brainchild of John 'Boyz n the Hood' Singleton. Set in 1983 Los Angeles, the show targets the crack epidemic that broke out around that time.

It's hard to asses the quality of the show after just one episode, however, it's safe to say Snowfall is quite promising and already provides a few talking points regarding its potential. It might not be The Wire, as it's more concerned with flash than exploration, but that doesn't mean that it's free of controversies.

These are mostly associated with the character of agent Teddy McDonald, who's supposed to finance Nicaraguan soldiers by selling cocaine in the USA. The claim that the CIA knew about cocaine being brought into the United States has never been proven, but Singleton still decided to include his version of the events in the show.

In that sense Snowfall may be characterized as the African American version of fellow FX-show, The Americans - a fictional period piece about that time in the USA. However, it's really hard to compare the show to anything else right now, as it's really unique. Unique, wild, and fun.

(Minor spoilers ahead.)


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