7 Things New To Netflix This Week (Mar 28)

Time to feed your conspiracy theories...

Good news in the world of Netflix this week - if you're a mobile user forever rinsing your data allowance on box sets and your favourite movies, you'll soon have more control over how your GBs get guzzled up.

Using the new Data Saver feature (due sometime in May) you can set whether you prefer streaming more video under a smaller data plan, or increase video quality to make the most of a hefty plan.

Obviously, if most of your TV viewing is done on-demand you're (hopefully) on some sort of unlimited deal but even so, the average monthly usage on a low-quality stream eats up about 16GB, rising to a whopping 364GB for content in Ultra HD. And whether you're a heavy watcher or a light browser, there's plenty of new things on Netflix to help you gobble up your data quicker than a powered-up Pac-man.

How about two of the biggest action films of the 80s, featuring some of the most iconic movie one-liners of all-time? If you fancy yourself as a tower block hero or an Austrian jungle expert then these are right up your street.

There are a couple of must-see documentaries coming in April. One tells the true-life story of bootleg movie smuggling during the height of the communist era, while the other takes a closer look at the most famous assassination of the 20th century.

Plus the obligatory box set must-see, which this time comes in the form of those legal eagles in sharp suits.

This month there's more on Netflix than you'll have time to watch, in what looks like their biggest catalogue update of the year so far - so shake off those post-bank holiday blues and dive in to something new, now.


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