7 Things That Should Be In A Misfits Movie

There were mixed reactions when Howard Overman announced recently that he had completed the first draft of the Misfits movie….

Isaac Scoulding


There were mixed reactions when Howard Overman announced recently that he had completed the first draft of the Misfits movie. While some thought it was about time, others feared it would mean the end of the TV series, or just be terrible. I am a cautious member of the former. While I have my reservations, I think a movie has the potential to be brilliant, standing alongside the TV series, while complimenting and expanding on it.

Now, I wrote this between Series 4 Episode 5 and Episode 6, so anything that happens in Episode 6-8 that conflicts with anything I have written here is something I have no control over. Knowing my luck, in the next few episodes the whole original gang will come back, everyone will loose their powers and it will be relocated to the moon, thus rendering everything I have to say pointless.

Also, I wrote this under the assumption that the main cast in the movie would be the current cast of the TV series. I am aware that it could be the case that they decide to go with a completely new cast of characters, but let’s be honest, no-one wants that.

Also, much has been made about Howard Overman’s hints that we may see Simon and Alisha again. While I loved the characters, I think that their story was wrapped up very well, and any return could ruin this and come across as a bit sloppy and nonsensical, so I have chosen not to address this. I’ll probably be wrong of course, and they’ll get a brilliant return, and you can all come and point and laugh in my face, but for now I shall err on the side of caution.


7. Nathan

Ok, you knew this was coming, so I thought it would be best to get it out of the way first.

Let’s face it, to many people Nathan is the quintessential Misfits character, as the constant cries on anything Misfits-related of ‘BRING BACK NATHAN!!!!’ and ‘MISFITS SUCKS WITHOUT NATHAN!!!!! prove. While I am not incline to agree with this, thinking Misfits is a good as ever, I do think that there are good reasons for Nathan to return.

But, you may ask, if you are not a Nathan fan boy, why is he the only original character you think should return?

Good question inquisitive reader. It is because I don’t think the new movie should just be an excuse to bring back all of the old cast, as this will take attention away from the rest of the characters and plot, and cause the movie to be overcrowded. Besides, it doesn’t make much sense for the others to return, as Simon and Alisha’s story has been nicely wrapped up, Kelly may not be the same after her time in Africa and Curtis is dead (or is he?). Nathan is the only one it makes sense for to return.

While Robert Sheenan decided to leave, he has said he may be willing to come back one day, and a movie may be just the thing to temp him, but this isn’t to say I think he should just be brought back just because he can. I feel the character never had a truly satisfying exit, and the movie could be a chance to do this. Not only this, but the chance of a Rudy-Nathan team up is too good for Howard Overman to pass on, as the comic potential is spectacular (Nathan to the two Rudys – ‘So, if you sucked him off, would that be gay or just like masturbation?’).

Also, the publicity and fan reaction to the announcement of Nathan returning would probably do wonders for the movie at the box office, something which I’m sure the producers would be keen to happen.

And hey, you never know, the movie may tempt Sheenan back to the TV show…