7 TV Finales That Pissed Off The Fans

1. The Good Wife: Alicia Becomes A Bad Wife


Just as Breaking Bad charted Walter White's transformation from Mr Chips to Scarface, The Good Wife followed Alicia Florrick on a journey that saw her go from victim to victimiser.

In the series finale, she throws Diane under the bus in court and continued to stand by Peter to help him evade conviction, this time for purely selfish reasons.

Alicia had gone full Peter by the end of the final series and more than earned that slap she found herself on the receiving end of when the trial was over, but The Good Wife did not earn its ending, as far as the fans were concerned.

Here's the problem: the show's tone evolved over the course of seven seasons and ended up more lighthearted than most other US dramas, only to jarringly turn bleak at the last minute.

This is what can happen when a show's ending is written early in its development. By the time The Good Wife actually got there, the scripted conclusion no longer fitted, but they went with it anyway.

Somebody should have been slapped after that trial, that's for sure.

How do you feel about these finales? Any others that pissed you off? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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