7 TV Shows With Near-Perfect Endings

Some of them do it just right...


As you may have heard, Game of Thrones is drawing to a close, with its final episode less than a week away. And while fans are anxiously debating and theorising as to who will survive and reign supreme on the Iron Throne, one thing that should spring to mind more is will it have a satisfying ending?

For a series that has prided itself on unpredictability and bending the narrative rules of television for so long, it might be difficult to imagine what the perfect ending to the series will be. Showrunners have described the ending as "bittersweet" and the cast have shared hints of melancholy for the final episode, but from an audience perspective, will it be what we want?

Given the recent response to episode 5 "The Bells", we've got to assume the ending won't be as fitting as we'd like.

So many shows have tripped up at the last hurdle (looking at you Lost) while others have had widely discussed and debated finales (like The Sopranos and Breaking Bad) but there are some with impressively orchestrated endings that should get more attention even if they ended years ago.

With that in mind, here are seven TV series you should definitely re-watch just for their satisfying and near-perfect endings, and for a bit of fun, two shows that could have ended perfectly had someone slapped the writer's fingertips away from the keyboard just a bit sooner.



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