8 Ways Better Call Saul Can Bring Breaking Bad Characters Back

Because Gus has to appear eventually.

As a spin-off from one of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time, certainly the breakout hit of recent years, Better Call Saul has an almost impossible task ahead of it. Half a season in and the response has been, for the most part, overwhelmingly positive: Esquire went so far as to say the first few episodes beat out the series€™ predecessor. If Breaking Bad had the chemistry behind it - one downtrodden scientific genius plus terminal lung cancer equals a journey into the realms of Scarface - then Better Call Saul would seem to be nothing short of alchemy: the story of how Jimmy McGill, a two-bit attorney with a heart of gold, became tin-hearted €œcriminal lawyer€ Saul Goodman. That being said, much of Better Call Saul€™s success would seem to depend on staying true to the show that spawned it. After all, this is still Albuquerque, even if Wayfarer 515 won€™t raise its landing gear for another six years. If Jimmy's going to be working his way ever deeper into the criminal underworld, there are plenty of familiar faces he could reasonably encounter along the way. With that in mind, here€™s are some theories about how the show could go about bringing back some old favourites. It should go without saying that this contains huge spoilers.

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