8 Best TV Shows That Passed You By In 2017

8. Back

Channel 4

Peep Show was a tough act to follow, and while David Mitchell and Robert Webb's latest offering Back never quite hit the awkward heights of its predecessor, it had a good go at matching them.

Back is a cuckoo-in-the-nest tale about a man named Stephen (Mitchel) who becomes deeply suspicious of his estranged foster brother Andrew (Webb) when he returns to his life on the day of 'their' father's funeral.

The Channel 4 sitcom treads a fine line between cringe-worthy comedy, deep paranoia and moments of genuinely touching drama. It took the two protagonists several episodes to step out of the shadows of Mark Corrigan and Jeremy Usbourne, but they grew over the course of season one and left viewers eager to see where their relationship heads next.

Back did more than enough to earn a second season, and fortunately it's got one. The cast and crew will begin filming six more episodes next summer and they're expected to air by the end of 2018.


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