8 Best TV Shows That Passed You By In 2017

7. The Keepers


Making a Murderer gave Netflix subscribers a taste for true crime documentaries when it debuted in 2015, so The Keepers turned out to be a snug fit for the streaming service when it followed in its footsteps earlier this year.

The seven-part series delves into the 50-year mystery of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a Baltimore nun who disappeared in 1969 and was found dead the following year. Her murder remains unsolved, but The Keepers does its best to change that.

The case, of course, is anything but straightforward, with as many twists and turns as the Steven Avery investigation that Making a Murderer picked apart. The filmmakers begin by insinuating that the investigation into Sister Cathy's death was clouded by foul play from the church and the police, and it gets more controversial from there.

Stories of sexual abuse, miscarriages of justice and cover-ups emerge as The Keepers delves deeper into the mystery, asking troubling questions about the authority and organised religion along the way.


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