8 Best TV Shows That Passed You By In 2017

1. 12 Monkeys


Remakes aren't always such a bad thing in the world of television. Case in point, 12 Monkeys has been one of the best things on Syfy for three seasons now, but not everyone is convinced, apparently.

Despite glowing reviews and a dedicated cult following, the time-bending series' overall viewership has been on the slide since episode one, and that's criminal considering it gets better and better.

Season one followed the same basic premise as the classic Terry Gilliam movie of the same name: a rag-tag time traveller journeys to the past in the hope of averting a cataclysmic event.

It's a well-worn trope, but 12 Monkeys makes it its own, and over the course of the first two seasons, the show constructed a compelling world where light humour and hard-hitting drama coexist harmoniously with weighty philosophical conundrums.

Season three, which aired this year, took everything that was great about the first two series and built on it, taking the show to new heights both aesthetically and from a storytelling perspective.

The fourth and final run should be quite the epic endgame.

Did you watch any of these? Which other overlooked shows do you think need celebrating? Let us know down in the comments.

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