8 Biggest Questions 2018 TV Shows Must Answer

8. Roseanne: Is Dan Dead Or What?


What everyone thought was Roseanne's final episode ended with one of the most bizarre and controversial plot twists in TV history. The entire ninth season was a work of fiction penned by the protagonist and John Goodman's Dan didn't survive his heart attack at the end of the previous run, despite what the fans were led to believe.

When ABC revealed plans to revive the sitcom with Goodman involved, the question on everyone's lips was is Dan actually alive in the Roseanne universe? He certainly appears to be, but the specifics of how this is possible are yet to be revealed.

Roseanne Barr has touched on the matter in interviews and promised it will be addressed in the opening episode of Season 10. The star has hinted that the resolution revolves around Dan having built a writing room for his wife in Season 1, so that suggests either his death, or his resurrection, is fictitious, but which is it?

After the stunt the show pulled at the end of Season 9, it will be difficult for the fans to trust whatever explanation they're fed in next month's premiere, but no doubt one of the aims of the revival is to atone for that reviled twist.


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