8 Cheapest Season Finale Cliffhangers In TV History

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Twin Peaks BOB Cooper

Cliffhangers have had a long, divisive history in television. Inspired by old film serials that would quite literally leave a character hanging from a cliff, an ending of this ilk can leave an audience either enraptured or enraged.

That's especially the case when it's done at the end of a season, and you have to wait months - or perhaps even a year - to be given a resolution. When done right, it's a brilliant means of setting up where the story is going to go next and ensuring you'll be desperate to see more. Dallas' Who Shot Jr, arguably the most famous example of such an ending, ensured endless speculation and theorising long before Reddit existed.

Breaking Bad, Lost, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and The Simpsons - in a parody of 'Who Shot JR?' - have all delivered thrilling cliffhangers that left us clawing at our television screens, needing to know what comes next but not simply trading on this to pull you back in or sacrificing the story because of it. Unfortunately, however, not all TV shows are so successful. Used wrongly, the season-ending cliffhanger is nothing more than...


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