8 Craziest TV Fan Theories (That Actually Make Total Sense)

1. Breaking Bad Is The Prequel To The Walking Dead

Breaking Bad The Walking Dead

The final entry on this list makes the most sense out of all of them. What if€ the factor that causes the events of The Walking Dead has something to do with Heisenburg'€™s blue crystal meth? What if the events of Breaking Bad are the catalyst for the zombie apocalypse?

So far, we'€™ve not been given much back story as to the cause of the end of the world in The Walking Dead. We enter the narrative with Rick Grimes, a man who'€™s been in a coma for all the good bits and woken up part way through with a fair few questions, questions that are never answered, and then get pushed to one side when, you know, he has to kill to survive and stuff.

Meanwhile, the end of Breaking Bad sees Walter White€™'s €˜blue sky€™ meth spreading, not just countrywide, but internationally. We know it€™'s blue, and it€™'s pure€ but what else can it do?

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are both AMC television series, and the same car has cropped up in both - a red Dodge Challenger with black striped across the hood and roof. Meanwhile, Daryl has told people that his brother Merle used to be a drug dealer, and that his supplier was €œa janky little white guy€ who said "€œI€™'m gonna kill you, bitch".€ Sound familiar?

But, if you'€™re still not convinced, there'€™s a picture of Merle'€™s old stash at the top of this entry...

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