8 Excellent TV Series & Characters That Ceased To Exist In 2013

We mourn for those shows and characters we lost this year.

William Graff


The Office Pam

For better or for worse, 2013 is almost completely in the rear view mirror now. The year brought us many cultural highlights (such as the fine television series House of Cards, Enlightened, and Parks and Recreation) and far more lowlights (Miley Cyrus’s infamous twerking spectacle with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards immediately comes to mind).

But before the year becomes history, stop for a moment, won’t you, and consider all of the fantastic entertainment that 2013 offered us for the final time. Herewith is an extended analysis of eight excellent series, characters and people that for various reasons (cancellation, retirement or death) ended their runs in 2013.

Important Disclaimer: Obviously, SPOILERS ABOUND in the following piece by its very nature, so if you haven’t caught up with any of these fine, fine listings (and why not?) please go out and buy all the CD’s, DVD’s or BluRays necessary in order to properly support all these talented peoples hard work, order a large pizza and open a nice bottle of wine, and consume them all in a marathon session, then come back to this article. It’s fine, I’ll wait for you. Still waiting. All ready?

OK, here we go.